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Overall Visual Appeal Background and graphics aren't motivational and attractive.  Hard to read.  Pleasing to the eye.  Some clever visual elements.   Motivational background and graphics.  Fonts easy to read; clear layout.  Looks like fun!  
Introduction Simply stated fact that students need to know something. Introduction tries to relate to students and connect to student interests. Engaging introduction!  Draws reader into the lesson with a problem or clever scenario.  Makes you WANT to know more.    
Task Factual information only is required.  Fill-in-the-blank mentality.   Must analyze information from several sources.  Must not only analyze information from multiple sources, but must make a personal commitment regarding the topic of study.  Creative process and products.    
Process Not quite sure what the steps are that students should follow.  No individual roles for students to take.   Some steps are explained, but may still confuse students.  Roles are assigned, but may be unclear. Every step is clearly explained in terms that students can understand.  Roles are clever and allow students to truly "role play."    
Resources Few on-line resources used and most are low quality that do not connect directly to the topic.    Some on-line resources that are informative.  Rich depth in on-line and print resources.  Links are HIGH quality with motivating displays and accurate information.  
Evaluation It is unclear how students will be evaluated or the objectives are not able to be measured, i.e., "students will LEARN", etc.  Student criteria for success is somewhat described.  Clear rubric explains levels of success so that students can easily and accurately self-evaluate.    
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