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                WebQuest:      PATRIOTIC THEMES IN COUNTRY MUSIC              
          Author:             Pam Petty         Grade Level:          5th - 8th

The Task:

1.  Students should work in groups to use the following sites to research one of the United States of America's SYMBOLS OF FREEDOM listed below.  

3.  Each group should generate a K-W-L chart for what they know about symbols of freedom, what they would like to know about symbols of freedom, and what they have learned about symbols of freedom.  Specific questions should be generated prior to researching the sites regarding the symbols of freedom each group has selected to research.   These questions should serve to guide the research.  

2.  Each group should designate students to 1) find the on-line resources; 2) print out or transcribe information found on-line; 3) organize information; 4) plan how information will be shared; 5) present information.  


         Site Location:
         This site provides an overview of fourteen symbols and government buildings.  
         Also included on this site are several songs, pledges, and oaths.  

Research Teams Should Select ONE Symbol from the List Below:  




          Site Location:
         Actual photo of the Lincoln Memorial and information.  What do the columns on the monument represent?






          Site Location:
          Actual photograph of the Capitol and information.  Why did the Capitol have to be 
          rebuilt at one point in history?  


         Site Location:
         This site contains an actual photograph of Mount Rushmore and information.  

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