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Support Storytelling is a TRA committee that encourages teachers to use storytelling to make your teaching more effective. We are keeping the program very flexible; so it is sure to fit your situation. You can go by specific guidelines or be unique and creative by submitting your own ideas of how you support storytelling. You can even submit a plan for a project for which you need funds. Submit as an individual, team, school, or council. Up to $100 to be used for your storytelling will be awarded for best entries.

Email Kristen Pennycuff Trent at  now for questions, suggestions, tips, helpful web sites, and sharing. When you send pictures of projects, children in photos should not be recognizable so photos can be shared with others participating. If you send a project in a form that could be used in a TRA publication, that would be ideal. A photo of a storytelling experience and a short comment or a good web site you found could also be helpful to others.

Anytime before April 1, Email your submission to for a possible TRA Support Storytelling award.

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IRA Storytellers Special Interest Group

bulletThe International Reading Association indicates that, "Special interest groups provide a forum for sharing information about specific areas of interest among reading professionals and thus serve as a resource for professional growth. Membership in these groups is open to all members of the International Reading Association" (  The IRA Storytellers SIG provides newsletters, websites, and storytelling events at the annual IRA conferences. 
bulletHow do I join?  Click on the link at the blue arrow below to find a membership form.  Print it out, fill in the information and send it with your $5.00 check to the name listed on the form.  That's it!  We welcome anyone and everyone who loves a good story! 



NOTE:  The new publication opportunities for Storytellers:
Storytelling, Self, Society: An Interdisciplinary Conference and Journal of
Storytelling Studies



Most important announcement of all:  WE NEED YOU!  Help us keep our membership numbers up by being advocates of our SIG and inviting friends and colleagues to join.  We will have membership forms and a person to process the forms on hand in Orlando at both the daytime storytelling session and the evening storytelling event. 



Past Conferences

bulletStorytelling Events by our SIG, May 2003:

IRA Conference in Orlando, Florida

Storytelling Resources

Recommended Sites for Good Stories:
    Alan Shepard's Storytelling Site:  Finding your Story; Preparing your Story; Telling your Story; Final Hints
    Storytelling in the classroom:  activities, lesson plans.
    Software for Children (30-35 page stories with captions and audio files).  Follow the links on this site.
    Storytelling links (24 pages).
    Children's Storybooks Online for young children, older children, young adults, riddles, mazes, coloring book.
    Storytelling Handbook



Bibliography of Books for Storytelling

Teaching Through Stories : Yours, Mine, and Theirs
                      by Betty D. Roe, Suellen Alfred, Sandy Smith
                      Price: $14.99
                      Paperback (June 1997)
                      Christopher-Gordon Pub; ISBN: 0926842714
      This book addresses the following issues:
            - The Importance of Story
            - Tips About the Storytelling Process
            - Using Storytelling to Teach Language Skills
            - Using Storytelling to Enhance Learning In and Through Literature
            - Using Storytelling to Teach Drama
            - Using Storytelling to Teach Art and Music
            - Using Storytelling to Enhance Learning in Social Studies
            - Using Storytelling to Enhance Learning in Math and Science
            - Using Storytelling to Promote Understanding of Cultural Diversity
            - Using Storytelling to Help Understand Self and Others

The Storyteller's Start-Up Book : Finding, Learning, Performing, and Using
                     Folktales : Including Twelve Tellable Tales
                     by Margaret Read MacDonald
                     List Price: $26.95
                     Hardcover - 215 pages (July 1993)
                     August House Pub; ISBN: 0874833043

More than a Stove by Bonnie Fussell, Illustrated by Dale Sadler
Available at Blackberry Publishers:

Dale Sadler and Bonnie Fussell

Bonnie's original family story is a very good example of how the oral tradition can be adapted for print publications.  The language is reflective of the time, the sentiments reflected in the book prompt memories for people who grew up in the south in the 1950's, and the warm pencil illustrations are captivating as they enhance the affective elements of this beautifully woven tale.  If coal-burning stoves, paperdolls, and homemade quilts are a part of your past, you will enjoy this step back in time.  Available at Blackberry Publishers:



This space is reserved for recommended books, websites, and other resources from our membership.  We will also highlight tellers from our sessions at IRA. 


Laura Rupers, Storyteller

Laura thrilled everyone with an original rendition of "Cinderella" at our SIG session in Orlando!  She was such a big hit that EVERYONE wanted a copy of her work.  Click here to get a copy of Laura Ruper's "Cinderella Rap" as performed at the Storyteller SIG session in Orlando, Florida, May 7, 2003. 
Thank you, Laura, for being so generous with your efforts and so gracious as to share your original work with others! 




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