WKU Quality Enhancement Plan

Survey Form

Last week you received an email regarding the Quality Enhancement Plan (QEP).  Members of the QEP Steering Committee have been asked to interview their constituency to gather input on the following three questions (see form below and refer to previous email).  I am available to speak with you on Monday, February 2, 2004 and Tuesday, February 3, 2004.  You can share your input with me in the following ways: 

Your input in this process is extremely important.  You are doing amazing things and we need to know about them.  Your area needs to be well represented in this report.  Thank you for your time and energy in providing us with your input.  - Dr. Pam Petty

If you have ALREADY shared this information with a QEP Steering Committee member, only complete this form if you have additional comments.  Thank you.

Name:   Date
Your Area:  Interviewer:   Dr. Pam Petty
CEBS, Special Instructional Programs, Tate Page Hall 363, 745-2992

The textboxes below will expand to include as many examples or comments as you would like to provide.

To facilitate your thinking, I have included the following information from the QEP email you received last week:

A taxonomy of engagement may be found at   http://www.wku.edu/sacs/StuTaxonomy.htm.  Engagement has been generally defined as activities that lead students to become more intrinsically motivated in their studies, more interactive and collaborative in their classrooms and daily lives, and more involved in campus, community, and global events.

1.  What would you like to highlight as examples of engaging students in your department/area that you would like to see included in the QEP? 

2.  What would you like to be doing to engage students that you are not currently doing? (i.e. what new practices would you like to see included as goals in the QEP?; what resources would be required for implementation?)

3.  Can you help point us to some exemplary practices/examples of student engagement in your area at WKU and beyond?

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