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This site provides students with information to facilitate independent development of a professional portfolio.


There are many ways to assemble a professional portfolio that is reflective, attractive, and creative.  The links below relate to topics that will aid you in developing a plan for initiating your portfolio:
What is a professional portfolio?   What purposes do portfolios serve?  How should a professional portfolio be organized?
What should a professional portfolio include?  What are some creative ways of displaying artifacts in a professional portfolio? What types of materials should be used in creating a portfolio?
 What is a professional portfolio?

Professional Portfolios allow educators to display their best work in a way that sets them apart from the crowd.  A portfolio can be used to give evidence of many skills and abilities that administrators desire in a teaching candidate. Portfolios provide a venue to demonstrate reflective thinking strategies, show professional growth over time in diverse educational situations, and relay personal attitudes toward teaching and learning. The portfolio serves as proof of the accomplishments achieved during teaching experiences or educational careers. By selectively collecting work and personal documents of achievement, educators can build a visual representation of their past contributions that allow others to gain a deeper and clearer picture of where they have been, where they are now, and where they are going in the education profession.  Evidence of goal setting, pinnacles reached, and future career ambitions are all reflected in a consummate professional portfolio.

 What purposes do portfolios serve?
Portfolios boost self-esteem as a visual representation of accomplishments and goals reached.  Many times job applicants seeking a teaching position begin to sound and look alike.  A portfolio is a way to show individuality and creativity.  It is hardcopy proof of talents you possess and provides insight into potential areas of interest.  A portfolio is a place to organize your thoughts and tenets relating to issues in teaching and learning.  The best portfolios show self-reflection and an ability to distinguish what was good, what could have been better, and why something worked as expected or failed to do so.   

 How should a professional portfolio be organized?
There are many ways to organize a portfolio that reflects the individuality of the student teacher/learner.  A table of contents helps others to find areas of particular interest.  Dividers with extended tabs help to separate and categorize information and artifacts.  Suggestions and hardcopy examples will be shared in your portfolio training seminar that illustrate acceptable methods of organization.

 What should a professional portfolio include?

 What are some creative ways of displaying a portfolio?  What types of materials should be used in creating a portfolio?  
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                This site offers an abundance of information with step-by-step instructions in developing an educator's professional portfolio.  The entire guide can be purchased for about $5.35.  Good idea.

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