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Intensive   Clinic for the
of kNowledge


WeeCAN is a place where young learners make the LEAP -- not only CATCH UP, but SPRING AHEAD.   

"There is always one moment in childhood when the door opens and lets the future in."
- Deepak Chopra

WeeCAN Daily Schedule

9:00-10:00    Read Aloud/Writing Extension/Share                   

10:00-10:10  Restroom/Stretch Break

10:10-11:40  Three Ring Circus (30 minute rotation per activity)


       Red       Phonics on Computers

       Blue      Leveled Readers 

       Green    Manipulatives (and books on tape/CD)

Stations 10:10-10:40 10:40-11:10 11:10-11:40
Phonics (computers) Red       Blue      Green   
Leveled Readers Blue      Green    Red      
Manipulatives Green    Red       Blue     

11:40-12:00  Read Aloud/Music

Day One:

Goin' on a Bear Hunt!

http://www.timmyabell.com/music/lyrics/ol/bhuntintro.htm - Introduction to Goin' on a Bear Hunt

http://www.timmyabell.com/music/lyrics/ol/bearhunt.htm - click and listen to Goin' on a Bear Hunt



More Reading and Singing:

http://www.timmyabell.com/music/lyrics/ol/oldlady.htm - I Know an Old Lady

http://www.grandfolkies.com/ysmp.htm - Yyucky songs for the whole family (listen on-line)

http://www.talesandmusic.de/tales/woman_and_pig.htm - The Old Woman and her Pig - story and mp3

http://www.talesandmusic.de/recordings/cd_2.htm - Jack Goes Hunting and other tales (story and mp3 for each)

Leveled Readers:

Printable books:  http://www.manatee.k12.fl.us/sites/elementary/palmasola/printandread.htm


Read Aloud Selections

Winning Read Alouds

Read Alouds with Rhythm, Interaction, Music

Kofi and his Magic The Sound that Jazz Makes
Tough Boris I See the Rhythm
My Painted House, My Friendly Chicken, and Me Dog Train
The Emperor's New Clothes









The Napping House

Anticipation Guide for Napping House - Click HERE (Word doc)

The Napping House

Students print a picture of The Napping House and locate different shapes within it.

The Napping House noun and adjective matching game.

Put characters in order based on when they appeared in the story.

The Napping House sequencing activities.

Match events from the story The Napping House.

The 3 Little Wolves and the Big Bad Pig Poetry Speaks to Children
If Boo to a Goose by Mem Fox


The Book of Bad Ideas Wiggle
I Love my Hair Rap-a-Tap-Tap
All I See is Part of Me A Frog in the Bog
  Brown Bear, Brown Bear What do you See?
  Jazz Fly
  Down by the Cool of the Pool
  Schoolyard Rhymes
  Yesterday I had the Blues


  Cock a Doodle Doo
  Rumble in the Jungle
  Dogs Rule
  Quick as a Cricket

Scroll down to Easy First Grade Computer Projects to find how to use this book with KidPix.

Matching and Concentration game for Quick as a Cricket.

Quick as a Cricket complete sentence activity.

  Guess What?
  Charlie Parker Played Be Bop
  The Hippo-Not-Amus
  Whoever You Are - Mem Fox



Helpful Hints for Read Aloud

*Touch the words as they are read aloud as much as possible.

*Involve the kids in some sort of action (making animal noises that correspond with the text; snapping, clapping, tapping; etc.)


*Talk it out (Example: Think of your favorite color.  Tell someone why it is your favorite color.)

*Pre-write/make a list (Example: Make a list of ten things that are your favorite color.)

*Write (Example: Write two sentences about why ___ is your favorite color.)

*Share (Allow a few children each day to share their writing.)

This, That, and the Other

Make your own instruments: http://www.mudcat.org/kids/

Stories to read on-line (great illustrations):  http://www.simtalk.com/bibli/catalogue1024.htm


               Language Arts/
Reading and Writing

Ideas for Reading and Writing:

These could be printed on cardstock and the kiddos can "type" the words on their laptops.  Actually, since they will have access to actual computers, they could type the words in Word, then take the "keyboard" home to practice (if we write 3-5 words we want them to practice at the top).


Print and Read Books:  http://www.manatee.k12.fl.us/sites/elementary/palmasola/printandread.htm

Counting Game:  http://illuminations.nctm.org/tools/tool_detail.aspx?id=3



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