WebQuest:      PATRIOTIC THEMES IN COUNTRY MUSIC              
                             Author:             Pam Petty         Grade Level:          5th - 8th

Accolades for Patriotic Themes in Country Music WebQuest: 
In October, 2001, the state of Texas asked for permission to add this WebQuest to the databank they were gathering to conduct a state-wide study of American symbols of freedom.  This WebQuest was noted as one of the "Top Ten" best sites on the Internet for the study of American symbols of Freedom. 


As Americans, we see freedom reflected in many aspects of our culture.  Television, movies, advertising, art, and music all mirror life in the United States.  Country Music provides us with lyrics that express pride in being Americans.  Country Music is the music of the "common man" and has a long history of expressing the hopes and dreams of everyday people.  Many images seen in Country Music videos reflect "symbols" of our freedom.  This WebQuest will help students to see that patriotism and love of country are common themes in Country Music.  

This WebQuest provides opportunities to explore some Country Music songs that reflect symbols of freedom found in the United States of America.  You will use the music and on-line resources to learn about what freedom means, life in the United States, and symbols that represent our freedom.  Students will work together in groups to research different symbols of freedom found in the United States of America. 

The Task
Your task is to listen to country music songs, read the lyrics, and view videos that include references to symbols of freedom in the United States of America.  You will compare and contrast the means that each song uses to reflect the types of freedom we enjoy.  Your tasks will include responding to several data response formats that guide you through critical analysis of the songs and of different concepts of freedom.  

Your final portfolio will include:

The Process 

Brainstorming Session

Read the following questions and discuss them in your group.  The "scribe" should make notes about initial thoughts and reactions.

1.  What do you think of when you see the words "Country Music?"

2.  What are some topics that you remember from country music songs you
     have heard?

3.  Are the topics in country music songs different from the topics of 
     pop/rock music?  If yes, how do these topics differ from pop/rock 

4.  Why do you think certain topics are more common in country music?  

5.  How does music in general tell us about our culture? 

6.  How do symbols represent beliefs in a society?  How important are 
     those symbols and what do they communicate to people?   


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